Episode 1:

Debate: Stone dusting is superior to fragmentation for management of upper urinary tract stone

  • Moderator: Justin Friedlander, MD (Einstein Medical Ctr / Fox Chase Cancer Center)
  • Pro: Samay Sappal, MD (Penn State)
  • Con: Hailiu Yang, MD (Cooper Health)

Episode 2:

Debate: Aquablation is superior to Rezum for management of lower urinary tract symptoms from BPH

  • Moderator: John Knoedler, MD (Penn State Hershey)
  • Pro: Albert Lee, MD (Einstein Medical)
  • Con: Rebekah Keller, MD (Geisinger)


Episode 3:

Staged implant after penile implant infection is superior to immediate salvage washout implantation

  • Moderator: Krishnan Venkatesan, MD (Georgetown/MedStar)
  • Pro: Victor Kucherov, MD (Jefferson)
  • Con: Rohit Patil, MD (University of Maryland)



Episode 4:

Autologous pubovaginal sling is superior to synthetic midurethral sling

  • Moderator: Joshua Cohn, MD (Einstein Medical Ctr / Fox Chase Cancer Center)
  • Pro: Andrew Wang, MD (Eastern Virginia Medical Center)
  • Con: Kelly Harris, MD (Johns Hopkins)

Episode 5:

Management of adult patients with long-term neurogenic bladder

  • Speaker: Joshua Cohn, MD (Einstein Medical Ctr / Fox Chase Cancer Center)

Episode 6:

Management of panurethral stricture disease

  • Speaker: Krishnan Venkatesan, MD (Georgetown/MedStar)
Episode 7:

Retzius sparing robotic prostatectomy

  • Kirsten Greene, MD (Univ of VA)


Episode 8:

Extended pelvic node dissection for high risk prostate cancer

  • Matthew Meissner, MD (Geisinger)


Episode 9:

Integrating Advanced Practitioners into Urologic Oncology

  • Timothy Savatt, PA-C (Geisinger)


Episode 10:

What to Expect When You’re Electing: Health Care and Health Policy in 2020

  • Kevin Koo, MD (Fellow, Johns Hopkins University)


Episode 11:

APPs Management of General Urology Practice

  • Joy Kerr, DNP


Episode 12:

How to Examine the Vulva and Pelvic Floor and Why it’s Essential

  • Rachel S. Rubin, MD, IF


Episode 13:

Interstitial Cystitis – Are you Sure you have the Right Diagnosis

  • Rachel S. Rubin, MD, IF


Episode 14:

Male Infertility 2020 Inservice Review

  • Ryan P. Smith, MD
Episode 15:

The Most Important Thing You See Every Day and are Not Treating Correctly

  • Rachel S. Rubin, MD, IF