MA-AUA Committee Descriptions – 2018

APP Committee (Ad Hoc) – The APP Committee is an ad hoc committee to assist with planning educational content for the Section’s fall meeting and spring Urology Practice meeting.  The committee may also assist in addressing matters pertaining to membership of advanced practice providers and serve as a bridge for communications to the AUA.  The committee consists of the Secretary who serves as Chair, and up to five other APP members who are appointed annually by the President to serve from year to year as designated.

Audit Committee – The Audit Committee performs internal (or external with an independent auditor) annual audits of the organizations’ operating financial statements, tax returns and operating procedures. Additional functions include responsibility for adequacy of insurance and oversight of internal controls.  The Committee reports to the Board annually.  The committee consists of the Treasurer who serves as Chair, and two current members of the Board of Directors appointed by the President.

Bylaws Committee – The Bylaws Committee reviews and suggests necessary changes to the Section Bylaws, based on actions and directions by the Board of Directors — for approval by the Section membership.  The committee consists of the Secretary who serves as Chair, and two (2) or more members appointed by the President to serve one (1) year only.  The Chair also serves as the Section representative to the AUA Bylaws Committee.

Health Policy Committee – The Health Policy Committee studies matters pertaining to the inter-professional problems associated with the delivery of urologic care to the public, including national and local legislative initiatives affecting urology, coding, and reimbursement issues, and peer review.  The Committee reports annually to the Section Board of Directors and/or membership.  The Committee consists of a Chair, elected for a term of two (2) years, who also serves as the Section representative to the AUA Health Policy Council, and at least one representative of each state within the Section.  Terms of members are two years, and are renewable.

Membership Committee – The Membership Committee reviews all applications for new membership and presents recommendations to the Board of Directors. The Committee consists of three (3) Active or Senior Members of the Section, in good standing.  One new member is appointed annually by the President to serve three (3) years and ascends to Chair the committee in his or her third year.

Nominating Committee – The Nominating Committee selects and presents to the Section thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting a slate of nominees of Active Members of the Section in good standing for the office of President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian (when those offices are vacant) and two additional members to serve on the Board of Directors of the Section.  The Nominating Committee also nominates members of the Section in good standing to serve on the AUA Board of Directors, the AUA Nominating Committee and other AUA committees for terms specified in the AUA Bylaws.  Additionally, this committee is responsible for assembling the slate of nominations for annual AUA awards. The Committee consists of the three (3) most recent living Past Presidents, of whom the senior shall act as Chair, and two (2) Active members of the Section in good standing nominated and voted by two-thirds of the membership at the Annual Meeting to serve for the ensuing year.  These two elected members shall serve for one term of one year only.

Program Committee – The Program Committee is responsible for developing the scientific program for the Annual Meeting.  The Program Committee shall consist of the President, the Secretary, Program Committee Chair, and at least three (3) other members in good standing appointed by the President.